Katz’s Taxes Property Grievance Group Inc. is a family owned and operated business. We are composed of tax grievance  professionals who are dedicated to saving our clients’ money through the property tax grievance process. Our professionals have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of property tax grievance.  We understand what it is like to work hard and want to keep every hard earned dollar in your pocket. Paying too much for something like property tax is so simple to avoid. Katz’s Taxes provides this grievance service so that the county you live in does not take any more money than what they deserve.

“We will always do the right thing for our clients, even if we have to take the harder road to get there.” This mission statement is something our family has lived by for generations. Katz’s Taxes is a name you can trust because of the kind of people we are. We have a unique kind of integrity, an exceptional work ethic that creates a “happy, relaxed, professional” experience  when challenging your property taxes with our company. The attributes that separates our tax grievance service from our competitors, are results and the process on how we achieve them. We always welcome any feedback, e-mail [email protected] to share your thoughts and experience with us.           

                                                                                                                                                                                             The Katz’s Taxes Team                                            

                                             “Integrity is based on what one does when nobody is watching; its the choice between what is convenient and what is right. ”

                                                                                     C.S. Lewis