What Is A Tax Grievance?

A tax grievance is a compliant filed against a town’s assessed value on a particular parcel of property based on comparable sales.

  • Once a house is under contract, the homeowner can file a tax grievance.

  • Lowering the real property taxes of a house by $100 per month enables a buyer to purchase a house worth $20,000 more.

  • Your property taxes can not go up because you file a grievance.

  • Star-Enhanced Star and Veterans exemptions are not affected by the tax grievance; any savings is additional to these exemptions.

  • An estate, a trust, a homeowner and a buyer under contract can all file a tax grievance.

  • No Home Inspection

  • Generally,  a tax grievance can be filed every year.

We only get paid if we are successful, there are Never any upfront fees.