Suffolk Terms and Conditions

Eligibility 1. A person named in the records of the Suffolk County Clerk as a homeowner; or 2. That person’s authorized agent; or 3. A person who has contracted to buy a home; or 4. The estate of a deceased homeowner is eligible under law to receive a tax assessment reduction and a property tax refund. If you are not in any of these categories you will not be able to receive a property tax refund and you should not sign this agreement. If you are in one of these categories you may sign this agreement.

Service Performed Note that you are not required by law to use a tax reduction service in order to file for and/or receive a tax assessment reduction. By signing this agreement, however, you are directing Katz’s Taxes Property Grievance Group, Inc. (not affiliated with any municipality) to prepare and file your First Level Complaint for review by the Board of Assessment Review, and to represent you at any Appeal proceeding which includes the preparation and filing of the Appeal Petition and to physically appear on your behalf at your Appeal Hearing with the Court appointed Hearing Officer and the Assessor’s representative.

Fee We do not charge any fee upfront. If there is no reduction, there is NO FEE. Our fee is determined by getting you a reduction in the property’s assessment. If the assessment is reduced the actual tax savings = the reduced assessment multiplied by the tax rate prior to exemptions. If you receive a reduction, our discounted fee is 50% of the first year’s savings plus a $75.00 property evaluation fee. If you provide us with a current appraisal that we can use, the $75.00 fee may be waived. This discounted fee will apply if payment is received within 30 days from the date of our invoice, at this time, you will also receive official documentation that we won your case. All fees apply even if you sell or move out of the subject property. If full payment is not made, or a written agreement of a payment schedule from Katz’s Taxes Property Grievance Group Inc., has not been given to you within 30 days of the postmarked invoice, then the full undiscounted fee of seventy-five percent of the 2025/2026 property tax reduction will be due plus a fifty dollars late fee and 1.5% interest per month. If a collection process is needed, an additional fee of 20% will apply on any outstanding balance along with reasonable attorney fees. In the case of a duplicate filing in, I agree to pay Katz’s Taxes Property Grievance Group Inc. a fee of $250.00 for their services within 30 days of the date of their invoice. If payment is not made, then all late fees will apply as stated above. At any time, within three (3) days after entering this contract, you have the right to cancel this agreement by written notice to Katz’s Taxes Property Grievance Group Inc., 1 Village Plaza # 202 Kings Park, NY 11754. If filing a SCAR appeal becomes necessary, a N.Y.S. court imposed $30 court filing fee is due.

I hereby designate Katz’s Taxes Property Grievance Group Inc., 1 Village Plaza # 202 Kings Park, NY 11754 (631)-486-9188 Fax (631) 486-7792 as my sole agent to act as my representative in any all proceedings before the Board of Assessment Review and or the Small Claims Assessment Review of the city/town/village/county of Suffolk for purposes of reviewing the assessment of my real property as it is for 2025/2026 year tentative assessment roll of such assessing unit.

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